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killer or filler web content?

People read differently on the web

Talking about web content, we have what Gerry McGovern called Killer web content. He explains in a simple, yet clearly way that most websites are full of filler content. Which is nothing more than bulk, that doesn’t serve a purpose. This mostly happens because people use print writing in web writing.

Successful websites help customers achieve their task quickly.

Then, what does killer content mean? Simple, killer content is content whose goal is for customers to READ and ACT on what they have read, that stands out in the crowd. How do we achieve that? Creating a website that is USEFUL and fulfils the needs of our customer.

What are websites for? Well websites should help your brand improve productivity, increase profitability, and deliver better services, right?

A good way to start writing killer content is knowing your customer, and to write from their perspective. Your reader needs to stand beside you as you write. So, you should ask yourself: Would my customer find this useful?

Sometimes what they really care about can be the opposite of what you really care about.

Your website is your publication. You should create compelling stories that communicate clear messages your customers care about. Your customers have a small set of words that summarise what they care about. Find those words or carewords, and you are half way to success.

Care words are the key to action

Therefore, follow the six c: 1. Who cares? 2. Is it compelling? 3. Is it Clear? communicate complex information in a simple and clear manner, 4.Is it complete? 5. Is it concise? 6. Is it correct? Editing is the quality control for writing.

We shall go into this subject further but for now one last advice, focus on how people search the web, not on how search engines work.

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