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Why do I need to fill out a creative brief questionnaire?

A creative brief will help us understand your goals and needs to advise you better. It will also help you put into words all your ideas to ensure that you are going in the right direction. The brief should ultimately serve to offer clarity on the project, client goals, and even the timeline. For us is a must!


What if I do not have a name for my brand?

We can help you search for the perfect name for your brand.


Do you have different packages for different needs?

Yes, we do have different packages according to all needs. The most solicited are: 

    Corporate image and brand structure

    Social media styling and management

    Website development


What is the importance of a brand structure?

1. Evaluate which parts of the brand essence can evolve (positioning, target, brand attributes) 

2. Possibility of visualizing branding strategies for each brand/line/category

3. Establishes the relationships and hierarchies between the different brands of the same company

4. Warn possible conceptual conflicts between brands

5. Build stronger and more meaningful connections with the parent brand

6. Identify growth opportunities

7. Line up brand and product names

8. Create a visual system with greater impact

9. Help with the purchase decision


What are logo concepts?

Logo concepts mean different design options. Ex. if you purchase a logo package that includes 3-5 logo concepts, you would receive 3-5 logo design proposals.​


What are revisions?

Revisions are adjustments; that you can ask us to make to the chosen design. Examples: colors, fonts, layout style. A revision does NOT mean the entire logo can be changed, but that the logo can be adjusted.


How long is the process?

Depending on your needs and package the process can take anywhere from four weeks to six weeks, giving each client the attention and creative energy they deserve! Trust us — it’s definitely worth the wait.


What if I just want a logo?

We don’t believe “just a logo” can tell your brand’s full story, or set you up for success for years to come. That’s why we specialize in full brand identity. Yes, it’s one of the biggest investments you’ll make in yourself. But it’s worth it x10 to have your heart, vision, and mission perfectly represented — just ask our clients!


What is included in your Corporate image and brand structure service package?

- 3 online or face-to-face appointments

- Consulting

- Brief and business model analysis

- Brand structure

- Name proposal

- 3-5 logo proposals

- Brand style guide

- Business card design


I already have a logo; can you design my website?

Yes, we can help you build your online presence and offer you the best copywriting strategies to keep a consistent brand identity in all your communication.


What can I expect from the consulting and advisory services?

Our consulting and advisory services provide startups and companies like yours insight into your company’s brand strategy and the potential effectiveness of the various business models you are considering. By working closely with you to clarify your long-term vision, we are then able to advise you on putting the right talent and structures in place, which will serve your brand or business’s strategic vision.


How will we communicate through the process?

Much of it will take place through email, digital forms, and chats. We find it’s easier to gather and keep track of detailed feedback this way! However, there will be a couple of opportunities to have a phone or video call if you want to chat through any strategy pieces and general questions.


Can we still work together if we are not in the same physical location?

Absolutely! We frequently work with remote clients and have developed effective ways to collaborate virtually. Through technology and communication tools, we can provide you with a seamless experience that will make you feel as if we are right there with you. So regardless of where you are located, we are ready to work with you and help you achieve your goals!

Frequently asked questions

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